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Planning your next Trade Show and wondering what's the best way is to get your exhibit display moved to the show?  Our Special Services Division invites you to call or email us for a no cost no obligation transportation quote.

One of our Trade Show specialists will work with you to prepare a no-cost, no-obligation quote for moving your Exhibit / Display materials to one show or for the entire season!

We can provide Domestic and/or International Transportation and Logistics via our Specialized Van, Flatbed, Standard Van, Air Freight, and International Departments. All with a single point of contact!


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(One show or entire season!)

Display Moving Transportation, Exhibit Moving, Trade Show Transportation


We understand how important constant communication and monitoring is when it comes to your Exhibit shipment. That's why we have drivers, customer service, managers, and account specialists that deal exclusively with Trade Show and Exhibit / Display services. Our training is ongoing to allow us to respond to any situation that can occur. And our constant monitoring of your shipment from start through completion allows us to react to a potential problem before it becomes one.

We can assist with a single Show, or manage the entire season for you. With our  network throughout the United States and Canada, we have the ability to store your Exhibit booth in between Shows to avoid potential costly cross country moves to and from each show. And our tariff's have sections for crated only shipments. We can assist with moves to and from all points in the United States and Canada, air freight, ocean shipping, and our brokerage division can provide flatbeds or regular freight services if needed. We'll be happy to work with your exhibit house if they manage your booth for you. We also include a basic level of valuation (protection for transit damage) and have multiple options available at additional cost which can even be set up to protect your exhibit booth while on the show floor. We'll be happy to go over all coverage options to assist you with discovering the best option for you.

Your success at the show starts with you trusting us to get your Exhibit / Display shipment to the show.  On-time each and every time!

We have a step by step process that we use on each Trade Show shipment that we transport. The key steps are:

Exhiit Moving, Display Transportation, Trade Show Transportation Moving
  • Make sure that truck dispatched is properly equipped for the customers needs.

  • Monitor EACH shipment multiple times throughout the day

  • Speak with driver after loading and unloading to make sure that what was supposed to load is what actually loaded.

  • All  trucks that are transport Trade Show shipments MUST be equipped with Satellite Tracking, and drivers must have cell phones.

  • On-Site representation at most major Trade Show events. These representatives live in the area and deal with show management throughout the show season. These representatives work with show management to make sure shipments load and unload in a timely fashion as well as make sure that shipments tendered to us are loaded on the correct trucks. 

Exhiit Moving, Display Transportation, Trade Show Transportation Moving

Some of the many Trade Shows we have on-site representatives on site to assist with move in and move out:

Los Angeles Auto Show

Builders Show

Medical Design


Global Shop

American Cardiology

Chicago Auto Show

Exhibitor Show

New York Auto Show

Global Comm Show

Semicon West

TS2 Show




We're here to help with any transportation and moving related issues to allow you to concentrate on making sure the trade show is successful for you. You have enough on your mind - don't add transportation worries to the list!


Thank you for visiting our Special Services web-site! We strive to be your single source transportation and logistics provider for all of your Trade Show / Exhibit / Display materials, High Value Electronics, New Furniture and Fixtures, and Fine Arts!

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